The drumming session was a memorable experience that makes me smile when I think of it.  I felt a strong sense of accomplishment when we all played together.  I have absolutely no regrets for pursuing the drumming sessions because the experience goes beyond just a drumming session. Although we were small in number we have successfully completed what  intended to do. Your patience and passion for drumming is evident when you conduct the drumming sessions.      "Christabel Johnston"

This is just short note to express my gratitude and appreciation. For  the short time that I was drumming, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to drumming with you in my private capacity in the New Year.      "Janine van Rooy"

Just want to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed Friday's session. To me it was a good stress reliever and good Sports. I had great fun and will definitely join one of your workshops again.Thank you very much for your time and patience with us and for making our day an exciting one!      "Natasha"

 Drumming in Cape Town, Milnerton
Enjoying open air drumming workshop
Drumming session in Cape Town by Beat-it
Beat-it drumming in Cape Town near Botriver
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